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“My belief is that struggling young people are some of the most talented, creative, and intelligent beings walking the planet…they just require help in regulating the emotions that fuel these incredible gifts….”

Lynne is known for her unbridled passion and fierce commitment to anyone in need of care. A resistant patient or denial from an insurance company – a “no” represents an invitation to a greater conversation to Lynne. Where most concede, Lynne is just getting warmed-up. It is never about winning to Lynne; it is about the person entrusted to her care not losing.

Lynne has long been a proponent for adolescent recovery, creating no-cost community and school-based support groups and producing successful events such as the Sober Prom and the Art of Discovery. Lynne works tirelessly to provide unique and creative spaces for adolescents and their families to not only recover, but to thrive.

Lynne successfully produced the Art of Discovery on Melrose gathering judges that included comedian, Russell Brand, Dexter’s William James Remar, Son’s of Anarchy Music Supervisor, Bob Thiele, and many other celebrated artists. The show honored the achievements of youth recovering from eating disorders, mental health, and substance abuse. Lynne describes that night as the most rewarding moment of her career to date, bringing together over 300 people in celebration of adolescents in recovery.

Lynne has been recognized by the National Basketball Association for her role in intervention training; the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for her work with Paramount Studios on the D.A.R.E. program; MTV’s for the Rock Against Drugs commercial campaign; and her volunteer work with incarcerated youth at Camp Kilpatrick.

Lynne has trained with the top names in the field, including John Bradshaw, John James, Kip Flock , Dr. Dave Lewis as well as the Masters of UCLA’s Chemical Dependency Studies, Counseling and Management Program for her CADC, ICADC. She received her Intervention Training from the Johnson Institute.

Lynne has more than 30 years of experience in mental health program development and operations with a special emphasis on building the finest Admissions and Utilization Review Departments in the Nation. Lynne is selective about the programs that she has lent her expertise to; and each of those programs allowed her to develop community based free support groups for adolescents and their loved ones struggling as a condition of her employment. They not only saw the value in Lynne, but in what she believed in as well…

It makes perfect sense now at this phase of her career that she launches the Non-Profit ONE Recovery, a Nationwide Free Support Group to honor recovery…

From All Struggles – For All Adolescents