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The Need For Students To Have Support On Campus
Seems Too Daunting For A Nationwide Solution.

It Is Not

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ONE the 501(c)3 nonprofit has three distinct lines of support; ONE in Community, ONE Online and ONE On Campus.
ONE On Campus is the multi-dimensional campus-based support program that is rooted in the power of human connection. We raise awareness and empower students to make new choices by not focusing on problems but rather by inviting them into the infinite solutions a life fueled by inspiration can bring.
THE MISSION: ONE is dedicated to the inspiration of young people, their loved ones, and conscious members of the community looking to raise their awareness.
There is no struggle necessary to attend; only a desire to be inspired.


Online Experiences. ONE has hosted over 200 online experiences open to all since COVID -19 hit our schools.

We can host campus-exclusive groups for your students led by a campus ambassador. The groups become a very microcosm of the campus, the community and change the culture of the campus.

Lunchtime Drop-In. Students can recharge more than their phones in this safe space.

Peer-Peer Support Group. Peer-led with a faculty advisor. The group follows the national guidelines and format of ONE. Leadership, community, and connections.

The Exchange™. Commit an infraction punishable by suspension and option The Exchange. Instead of the spiral downward that can occur from a suspension, the students have the opportunity to rise.

The Young People’s Meeting. A meeting that embraces the art of many things including conversation.

We engage Mavericks, innovators, and artists to share their path and passion. In a world of insta-this and snap-that kids drop an anchor here for an hour and truly connect.

Parent Meeting. A place for parents, loved ones and conscious members of the community come together to connect with cause.

Speakers Series & Assemblies. All relevant topics are addressed by impassioned presenters who carry a message that can be heard by students.

Assistance Line. ONE operates a free 24/7 Nationwide assistance line for parents offering viable resources during times of struggle.

Events. Community-based events raising awareness on issues affecting young people, parents and conscious members of the community. Topics have included the dangers of vape, social media, accidental overdose and bullying.

I am not sure where I would be without ONE.
I’m just glad I don’t have to find out…
(Senior who has been involved voluntarily since 2015-2016 school year)

Substance Possession/Use

Substance Possession Use

A male student was given detention due to a suspected drug infraction on campus. He was stationed outside the Assistant Principal’s office where it became clear that he was again under the influence. When directly asked by the Assistant Principal, the student responded honestly that he was high. This student had been spiraling downward slowly, but noticeably. He agreed to participate in The ONE Exchange in lieu of suspension. His mother agreed to attend the parent group as well.

He arrived under the assumption that it would be a punitive atmosphere. It varied every week; communication, art, film, and sport. The ONE thing that it was every week was connection with others. He was not looking for connection, but found it anyway. He continued to attend well past his required sessions. He made the Surf Team later that year. He continued to participate in ONE until he graduated. This student inspired the Point Break Panel hosted by Lisa Swayze, and the Art of Surf Event of 2016 both are shown on our website. He continues to stay in touch with ONE today.


Substance Possession Use

A female student was caught vaping in the school bathroom. The video she posted on Snap Chat didn’t help her plea of innocence. She refused to admit her part in the face of all evidence to the contrary, but agreed to attend The Exchange. She had already received the consequence so ONE worked with her on honor and honesty. The student was initially void of the importance of these attributes. She felt she was already seen as a screw-up. Her plan was to just do her time and go back to her life.

ONE focused a group on the importance of taking a risk for change to occur. This student met the challenge and agreed to finally tell the truth to the Assistant Principal. She sent a series of texts immediately to ONE with Emoji tears of happiness. She stated that it was a high she had never felt before. She continued to work with faculty as her team not her jailers. She was given a party in her honor when she got straight As a few months later. She voluntarily has attended The ONE Meeting and drop-in the entire school year.


Substance Possession Use

Female freshmen were involved in a cyber-bullying incident. The students were given the ONE Suspension Exchange option; two chose ONE, and the other family declined. The one student who declined later started to attend the ONE meetings. The student reported an attraction to the change she noted in her friends who were attending. When asked what she would like to do differently, the student replied: “to be nicer to people.” All three of these girls still attend ONE to this day. The girl mentioned above, welcomes new students, is noted to be one of the friendliest members and wants to be a Heart Surgeon.


Substance Possession Use

The middle school called to discuss a boy who had severe behavioral issues with little hope for change. The faculty was looking at expulsion. The Assistant Principal wanted to give him another chance. It was worth the additional effort to alter a life that was fraught with obstacles far beyond his control. We launched a ONE-ON-CAMPUS drop-in group and included this student with well over twenty others. This boy had an immediate and marked improvement on the campus. Through role-play, arts and inclusion with peers – he shifted. His acts of kindness in the final groups of the school year brought tears to the eyes of the staff. This was one hour per week, and it was quite literally life-changing.


Substance Possession Use

The office noted several students who had difficulty making friends and were struggling with academic pressures as well. One student in particular had difficulty making eye contact. She became visibly nervous even introducing herself at check-in. This same girl by the end of the year picked up a guitar, and asked if she could play Blackbird for the group, and play she did. (check our Instagram for “ONE in the Middle” and witness). ONE creates a safe space for kids struggling with social anxiety to connect with peers who they otherwise would never have encountered.

Being ONE

Substance Possession Use

A student was beaming as she came into lunchtime drop-in. She recounted that a male student – who had been sent to ONE through The Exchange several months prior had said hi to her in the hall. She stated that he had never said hi to her before ONE. It is like… “we are ONE-ON-CAMPUS” she said.

It was not just the gift the female student received; acceptance, acknowledgment and a knowing she mattered. It was also the gift that this boy clearly had a raised awareness of how he sees the world and his peers.

The power of ONE. They truly are ONE-ON-CAMPUS.