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Jasmin Butler | Director of Operations

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, I get the privilege of working behind the scenes to provide critical support to execute our mission. It is an honor to work for a non-profit where the focus is on human connection especially in a world where social media dominates.

I have spent the better part of eight years working in the behavioral health space. I worked with an acclaimed recovery center for those struggling with mental health, substance abuse, and eating disorders for several years. I was then invited to work for one of the most respected case management companies to date. I assisted the team and families in the process of navigating care during what would prove to be one of the most difficult times of their lives. I am not only a trained professional, but a mother as well. This combination allowed me to not only guide these families with confidence but treat them with a level of compassion they so needed. Simultaneously, I had been volunteering at ONE. I literally had the best of both worlds. When the opportunity presented itself for me to work for ONE full-time as the Director of Operations, I did not hesitate.

I hold a degree in Social and Behavioral Science, and I am a certified Program Administrator. Prior to my work in the behavioral health space, I was a paralegal and worked at a prestigious criminal law firm in Los Angeles.

All my personal and professional experiences converge in a way that allows me to serve our clients and community with the highest level of care and service. I am grateful to show up to work each day and know that my purpose is aligned with my passion.