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Casey Connor is an internationally recognized entertainer, highly sought after by an impressive collection of A-list clientele. Her innovative and self-styled manner of DJing and MCing constitutes more than spinning records. It is an all-inclusive performance in which Casey showcases her talents as an all around entertainer on the mic and interacts with her audience in a fashion that goes beyond her skills at the turntables. Casey’s musical upbringing comes across in the styles that she spins specializing in mashing up several genres, while taking her audience through different era’s of music. Her dynamic approach to the turntables as a performance DJ has given this star a coveted following with artists and brands such as Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, Robert DeNiro, Apple, NBC, Louis Vuitton, and MTV to name a few. However, it’s Casey’s personal story that is most impressive and inspiring.

A promising young singer and dancer at the esteemed LaGuardia High School (Fame School) in NYC, Casey’s aspirations of entertaining were tragically and abruptly cut short when she lost both of her parents within a 6 month period; her mom to cancer and her dad passing away from a massive heart attack.

Determined and strong, Casey put her career goals on hold and took over her mother’s day car center after she graduated. She ran it out of her family’s Brooklyn home. Mornings consisted of her crew of 6 day care kids (ages 6 mo-6yrs) arriving at the house at 8am, 5 days a week.

A year later, a chance encounter with a prominent music and talent manager saw promise in this budding star and helped Casey train and eventually land her first DJ job, spinning at one of the hottest night clubs in NYC. During this period, Casey continued to rise among the DJ elite, yet stayed grounded all while skillfully navigating all the common industry pitfalls: declining all offers of drugs, alcohol, and the unwanted sexual advances. Her drive, and fortitude culminated after a move to Los Angeles, and her career took on yet another big turn, the opportunity to transition from the club scene to that of higher end celebrity and corporate ventures.

Casey’s talents as an A-list DJ and entertainer are paralleled and even surpassed by her character, fortitude, and inspiring drive to never stop one’s pursuit of their dreams. Her inspiring and triumphant story is now being turned into a major motion picture.

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