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Visions And One Present: Audrie And Daisy

Santa Monica High School
Barnum Theatre at Santa Monica High School
This important documentary will raise the awareness of our parents, students, and community on the topics of; underage drinking and dangers, sexual assault, cyber-bullying, and teen suicide. We encourage you to watch the preview or entire piece on Netflix if you have any concerns about your adolescent viewing. ONE will be providing a panel of experts for questions immediately following the event as well as community resources in the lobby following the film.
Audrie and Daisy on Netflix

The Panel

Candy Finnigan

Nationally recognized Interventionist, Author of When Enough is Enough and regularly featured on A&E’s “Intervention.”

Dr. Don Grant, PhD

Founder of (un)BOOT CAMP, award­-winning Media Psychologist, Chair of the American Psychological Association Committee on Device Management

Dr. Ericha Scott, PhD

LPCC, Internationally Certified Advanced Addiction Counselor, Board Certified Art Therapist, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, Trauma Specialist

John Lieberman, MA, I/O Psych

COO of Visions entered the field of mental health in 1985. He has contributed to US News & World Report, the Today Show and is committed to promoting evidence based treatment while providing families with up to date critical information.


“Film is sure to provoke a national discussion after events that led to California teen’s suicide – and scare viewers from laying foot near Maryville, Missouri.”
Nigel M Smith, The Guardian

“Audrie & Daisy is strongest when it investigates what it regards as shortcomings of justice, for reasons technical and implied.
Ben Kenigsberg, The NYTimes
What the documentary does well is critique a culture that allows young men to disregard other people’s humanity. Full review
Noel Murray
A.V. Club


About Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers

In 2002, Visions’ Founders Chris and Amanda Shumow began their mission of creating an adolescent program that provided cutting edge mental health, substance abuse and family treatment. Since its inception, they have advocated for the family in its entirety. This founder driven center has set the standard for adolescent treatment amongst industry professionals with its clinical acumen and attention to specialized services.

Chris and Amanda acknowledged the success of Visions would correlate to the strength and unity of their clinical team. They place great value on collaborating with service providers who share the same passion for adolescents and their families. Since opening, Visions has maintained original founding clinicians while adding several dynamic team members with continued program growth.

As proud parents of four beautiful children, Chris and Amanda understand the importance of family involvement and support throughout the treatment process. They know from personal experience that any individual going through the recovery process must do it with laughter and fun in order to sustain a new healthy lifestyle.

Year after year, Chris and Amanda push Visions to maintain a creative clinical culture of excellence.

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