One Recovery: Where The Connection Is Human

“It is my belief that struggling young people are some of the most sensitive, creative and intelligent beings walking the planet…they just require assistance in navigating the emotions that fuel these gifts”
Lynne Pedersen, Founder

Who We Are

ONE Recovery is a non-profit organization. The premise is as simple as it is powerful. There is ONE recovery from all struggles and it resides in the connection of humans.

THE MISSION: ONE is dedicated to the inspiration of young people, their loved ones, and conscious members of the community looking to raise their awareness. There is no struggle necessary to attend; only a desire to be inspired.

THE HOW: ONE has two distinct areas of support; on-campus and in-community.

ONE–On–CAMPUS. The multi-dimensional support program rooted in the power of human connection. We raise awareness and empower students.

  • Lunchtime Drop–In. Students can recharge more than their phones in this safe space.
  • Peer-led Support Groups. ONE trained faculty advisors follow the national ONE-On-Campus curriculum.
  • The Exchange. An exclusive program of ONE. Exchange a suspension for attendance at ONE and gain so much more than was lost by a moment of bad judgment. The purest intent and definition of Restorative Justice available on campuses today.

The ONE Community:

  • Young People’s Meeting. A free weekly meeting that utilizes the lost art of conversation. We bring in Mavericks, Innovators, and Artists to share their path and passion.
  • Parent Meeting. A place for parents, loved ones and conscious members of the community to simply expand and exhale.
  • Speakers Series. All relevant topics are addressed by impassioned presenters who carry a message that can be heard.
  • Events. ONE architects prolific experiences and events that are aimed at altering the course of lives.
  • Assistance Line. Nationwide assistance line for parents offering viable resources.

We seek to inspire and ignite the passion that exists within every young person and heal the hearts of their loved ones.

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One On Campus

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The One Team

Lynne Pedersen

Lynne Pedersen


“Oprah Winfrey said she knew she was born for greatness. She was – because she believed she was. I believe we all are.

Lynne Pedersen (Butler) is known for her unbridled passion and fierce commitment to adolescents in need of care. She possesses an innate ability to create spaces where healing and integrity are paramount. Her unparalleled expertise in adolescent treatment has her well sought after by new and emerging programs, Lynne set aside the building of programs to focus on the building of the first nationwide prevention and early intervention support program of its’ kind.

Lynne Pedersen


Kylie Lockington

Kylie is a Senior in high school and has been with ONE-ON-CAMPUS for three years. Kylie finds her own strength in ONE and shares it with anyone who needs support.

Kylie has not just been the face of ONE-ON-CAMPUS – she is truly the heart. She vows to take ONE wherever she goes. It appears it will be Paris in the Fall.


Johnny Ambassador


Johnny is a Senior at Corona del Mar High School and has been with ONE for 2 years. He is devoted to the betterment of our members and hopes to expand ONE’s influence by hosting frequent events and collaborating with other school leadership organizations. Johnny has become incredibly confident in the positive effects ONE can have on a student and encourages others to join.

Eli Viszolay

Eli Viszolay

YP Coordinator

Eli, a former professional surfer, and Abercrombie & Fitch model is also a talented musician whose love for creating and playing music has inspired ONEs. He doesn’t have to utilize his degree in Public Relations to relate to young people. His pure passion for life does that.

Aja Chavez

Eli Viszolay

Parent Coordinator

“Being part of ONE allows me the opportunity to bridge the connection and communication within families.”

Robin Bergeron

Robin Bergeron Parent Coordinator
Robin is driven to add value to the recovery community. She reached out to ONE because she was drawn to the unique message. Robin’s strives to inspire others by living with purpose, authenticity, and compassion…values which she truly believes align with the mission of ONE.

Jasmin Butler

Jasmin Butler


Jasmin has been an asset to ONE and Art of Recovery since inception. She is committed to the cause of inspiring youth and makes sure all is in place to make that happen. Her welcoming smile has healed the hearts of many.